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Community Development

From day one, Veragold has placed the welfare of the community of Cañazas at the heart of every business decision. Over the years, the corporation has embarked on many initiatives to benefit the community’s sustainable economic development.


Veragold Corporation held the second annual Cañazas dressmaking workshop graduation ceremony in their headquarters. More than 25 women in the area have benefited from these workshops; they can now make clothes for their families, and have acquired a new set of skills that can generate a new revenue stream for them. This opens many opportunities for the community, and supports local entrepreneurship. The Company also sponsored seven women’s league soccer teams, providing them with soccer balls and other equipment. Women’s soccer enjoys great growth in Panama, and the area of Cañazas particularly has a good future in the sport. This promotes healthy competition and strengthens the idea of the student-athlete. These are the types of initiatives that Veragold brings to the community.

Donations to the San Francisco Javier Hospital of Cañazas:

Veragold Corporation’s founder, Mr. Tony Bonilla, held an event to officially donate 5.1 hectares of Veragold Corp. property to the Hospital. Dr. Aris Mojica, Medical Director of the Hospital, accepted the donation on behalf of the Ministry of Education. This property will be the foundations of the new hospital announced by the Government of Panama in the town of Cañazas. The Veragold team also decided to help the current hospital’s situation, by donating crucial equipment like refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, washers, and ovens. Dr. Ortiz, the Medical Director at the time, and his staff were very thankful for the continued support. The event was covered on Radio Reforma (Panama), and it had special guests like the Mayor, District Representatives, and Educators.

Children at a guitar lesson

Sport & Cultural Donations:

Two guitar courses for children between 8 and 12 years of age. The company sponsored the room and musical equipment, and enjoyed the teachings of instructor Professor Tomas Salinas from the College of Fine Arts at the University of Santiago, in Veraguas Province, Panama. Support for other sports like amateur boxing and basketball. Provide Academic and Educational tours for the Geology Departments of the Technological University of Panama and the University of Panama. Celebration of the Three Kings, held every year in the community gym. This event brings more than 300 children and their families together, for a day of gifts for the children and many games. Veragold also provides food, beverages and supermarket gift cards!
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