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Pouring Process

Pouring Process

A TBRC (Top Blown Rotary Converter) gold furnace is a type of refining equipment used in the metallurgical industry to process gold and other precious metals. The furnace is designed to efficiently separate and refine precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum group metals (PGMs) from impurities and other base metals. The TBRC gold furnace is versatile, energy-efficient, and capable of treating a wide range of materials, such as dore bars, electronic scrap, and other metal-bearing materials.

The main features of a TBRC gold furnace include:

Rotary design: The furnace has a cylindrical, rotating vessel that allows for efficient mixing and contact between the materials and the injected gas, which promotes the oxidation and reduction reactions required for refining.
Top blown: The refining gas, which is often oxygen-enriched air or pure oxygen, is injected into the furnace from the top, ensuring a controlled and effective reaction with the molten metal and slag.
High temperatures: The furnace operates at high temperatures, typically between 1200°C and 1600°C, which helps to separate and purify the precious metals.
Separation of metal and slag: As the refining process takes place, the lighter impurities and base metals form a slag layer on top of the heavier precious metals. The slag can be periodically tapped off, leaving behind the purified precious metals.
Recovery of precious metals: After the refining process, the precious metals are collected at the bottom of the furnace and can be poured out into molds to form bars or other shapes for further processing or sale.

The TBRC gold furnace is a popular choice for precious metal refining due to its energy efficiency, operational flexibility, and the ability to process a wide range of materials with varying compositions. The furnace is also environmentally friendly, as it can be equipped with advanced off-gas treatment systems to reduce emissions and comply with environmental regulations.

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